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Hello, a bit about TNT:

A monthly networking group for professional creative women to talk about plans, dreams and how to take over the world!

TNT is an informal monthly meetup for dynamite ladies. We are creating a comfortable place where writers, producers and other creatives can all enjoy Tea N'Talk (see what we did there?!)

We also run a private discussion forum, here on the site.  If you want to join in, please email us for the password.



Kit Whitfield
"It's easy, when you work alone on your projects, to feel like you're out on a limb, especially is as precarious a business as writing. Being able to talk to other women in the arts is a wonderful anchor. The emphasis is on being ambitious, but ambitious for fulfilment and satisfaction, on being a positive human being as well as a functioning artist. I love the Dynamite Ladies: in a difficult month, I can walk in feeling like a total fraud and walk out feeling like a confident pro."

Go Dynamite Ladies!   Book the babysitter, hop on a bus - you never know where this adventure could take you :)

If you are freelancing or coming up with original projects and ideas (poetry, music, art, tv - whatever floats your boat) then this is the networking group for you! The aim is not so much about 'career progression' but rather providing personal support and encouragement. Having said that, if collaborative projects emerge then good for you!

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